Campus Ecology! How to Get Involved and Help the Environment!

Published March 26, 2012 by sarahblondeone

Everyone in college is looking for a way to get more involved on their campus and support a cause they believe in.  Campus Ecology is a widely growing program that allows colleges and universities across the country to be connected directly to the National Wildlife Program and help them go green!

A little bit of History and Background on the Program…

  • The National Wildlife Federation has been working with colleges and universities nearly 20 years with our Campus Ecology program to improve each school’s overall green educational programming and onsite sustainability. We have student outreach programs, campus consulting, climate action competition, and educational events and resources reach about 1,000 campuses each year.

What does the Campus Ecology Program do?

  • Campus Ecology is equipped with the talented staff and resources to help students, faculty and staff with the crucial work on campus. Whether it’s introducing recycling or forging ahead with green construction, Campus Ecology will be a partner. And anyone–individual faculty, staff and students or campus teams–can join. Campus Ecology has spent two decades building a library of resources, programs, incentives, and networking opportunities aimed at sharing lessons learned. Scientific evidence of a growing climate crisis has prompted environmentalists everywhere to refocus. In response, we’ve evolved, too. Campus greening is still at the heart of what we do, but with a renewed purpose–encouraging campuses to make reducing emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases the goal of greening efforts.

Campus Ecology Success Across the Country!

A polar bear suffering because of global warming.

Seriously Considering it?! Here’s some info about the Memberships…

  • There are two types of memberships you can sign up for if you are interested in becoming a Campus Ecology Member!  Learn more about the two types of memberships, both are completely free for you, they just have slightly different benefits.
Some Students who are involved in Campus Ecology making a difference around their school!

How to Join!

  • You can become a Campus Ecology Member easily and it is completely free free! Click here to learn the details of how to become a member.

Still not sure?! Check out these videos below to see the impact Campus Ecology has had on various campuses across the country!

See what students at UC Boulder and Oberlin have been doing on their campus!

Check out what students at Clemson University and SUNY-Buffalo are doing on their campus!


About Butler University

Published March 20, 2012 by sarahblondeone

Butler University in the Fall


This is a video about Butler.

Founded in 1855 by attorney and abolitionist Ovid Butler, Butler occupies 290 acres in Indianapolis’ Butler-Tarkington neighborhood. The University emphasizes a liberal arts-based education with the goal of teaching clear and effective communication, appreciation of beauty, and a commitment to lifelong learning, community service and global awareness.

Butler offers more than 65 majors. Over the past five years, our graduates have enjoyed an average 96 percent job placement rate, with 100 percent in education and pharmacy.

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